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WinSent LAN messenger. Net send and WinPopup replacement for Windows 7/Vista
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Winsent Messenger 3.2.9
License: Trial, Size: 902 KB

Latest news

September 9, 2019
Winsent Messenger 3.2.9 has been released.

January 31, 2019
Sent 1.4.11 has been released.

October 23, 2018
Winsent Messenger 3.2.8 has been released.

Winsent Messenger features

Winsent Messenger is an instant LAN messenger

Winsent Messenger is a program intended for instant messaging on a local network. The program organizes a textual communication between users of the local network and allows the users to exchange short text messages or send network alerts and notifications to groups of users conveniently and quickly. The program is designed to be used in small or medium-sized office or home local area networks.

Simple but easy-to-use and handy interface

Winsent Messenger has simple but handy and easy-to-use user interface. Nothing superfluous, only things required for a comfortable work without excess body movements. The program has a contact list, message archive, LAN browser. Winsent supports configurable hot keys and sound notifications and offers a wide set of other options allowings you to customize the program's behaviour according to your needs and preferences (View Winsent LAN messenger screenshots).

Active Directory support

Active Directory users import feature will allow you to create the contact list groups in seconds.

NET SEND compatible

Winsent Messenger relies on its own implementation of the standard SMB protocol. This protocol is used by software products like Microsoft WinPopup, Windows Messenger Service (net send command) so Winsent is fully compatible with them. This feature allows to send and receive messages from the computers with one of these programs installed. You will be able to receive messages that are sent by system administrator with the "net send" command, messages from Unix users that are sent with the smbclient command, messages from printer spoolers, etc. (Read more about net send command and messenger service).

Compatible with terminal server and newest Windows versions

The unique internal architecture of the Winsent Messenger allows many users to run it on Windows Terminal Server simultaneously. Winsent works on all versions of Windows (7/Vista/XP/2000) including Windows 7, where Messenger Service and net send command are missing. All the mentioned features allow to use the Winsent as a full replacement for Messenger Service (net send command) and Microsoft WinPopup.

Does not require a dedicated server or an internet connection

Winsent Messenger sends and receives messages in real time, without using intermediate servers. The messages are transmitted directly between sender and recepient. Winsent does not require a dedicated server, third-party services or an Internet connection. As Winsent does not use insecure public networks (Internet), your secrets are safe. Messages are only transmitted within the bounds of your local network.

Low usage of system resources

Low usage of system resources comes out of the great optimization work. Winsent Messenger is a compact program. Its distribution package size is about 600 KB. Winsent works silently in background mode, consuming very small processor and memory resources.