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September 9, 2019
Winsent Messenger 3.2.9 has been released.

January 31, 2019
Sent 1.4.11 has been released.

October 23, 2018
Winsent Messenger 3.2.8 has been released.

Winsent Net Send SDK - Netbios/SMB based messaging software development kit

Winsent Net Send SDK is a software development kit that allows developers to integrate instant messaging capabilities, based on the SMB protocol (net send/WinPopup), into their own applications.

Main features of the SDK are:

  • uses Netbios/SMB protocol stack ("net send" and winpopup compatible)
  • sending personal and group messages
  • receiving personal and group messages
  • support of modern Windows operating systems

The SDK is implemented as a dynamic link library (dll), that provides a set of messaging functions, and header files. The SDK includes sample programs written in C++, Delphi, C#. The SDK supports the following operating systems: Windows 8/7/Vista/XP/2000.

Download Winsent Net Send SDK Version: Winsent Net Send SDK 0.3.4
License: Demo
Size: 1409 KB