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Net send command reference

Sent - an utility to send net send messages from command line

Sent command reference


Sent 1.4.11
License: Freeware, Size: 419 KB

Latest news

September 9, 2019
Winsent Messenger 3.2.9 has been released.

January 31, 2019
Sent 1.4.11 has been released.

October 23, 2018
Winsent Messenger 3.2.8 has been released.

Sent - sends 'net send' messages from command line

sent - utility to send net send messages from Windows 7/vista
Sent is a small console utility intended for sending net send messages over local area networks using command line. The utility can be used as a 'net send' command replacement on versions of Windows, that do not support this command (7, Vista, 98, 95) or just as an improved 'net send' command with additional features.

Main features are:

  • sending personal messages using computer's network name, user's login, nickname
  • sending broadcast messages using workgroup or domain name
  • sending a message at once to several recipients
  • batch mode of operation with ability to load messages and recipients from a text file.
  • timeout settings

For message transmission the Sent uses full implementation of the protocol, that is used for message exchange by software products like Microsoft WinPopup, Windows Messenger Service (net send), etc. Therefore the Sent is fully compatible with them.

Sent can only send messages and can't receive messages. To receive a message sent with Sent you can use one of the following software products: WinSent Messenger, WinSent Innocenti, Windows Messenger Service (net send), Microsoft Winpopup.

Sent works on all versions of Windows (7/Vista/XP/2000/NT/ME/98) including Windows Vista and Windows 7, where Messenger Service and net send command are missing.